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Central Locking + Boot. Also Power Window close. Reply to topic

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Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for a kit that will work with a 65 Coupe for Central locking, with possibly a boot option and/or an auto Power Window close. The Power Windows are already installed.

I tried a local kit and the actuators weren't strong enough, so looking further afield and wondering if anyone has used some of the myriad of US kits with success.



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This will control all that. You will need to add a boot release solenoid & central locking solenoids first though.

If you mean the solenoids wearnt strong enough it most likely means your door lock mechanism needs adjusting. They dont require much grunt to lock & unlock when they are working properly.

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I have solenoids here. Same type as I always fitted to hot rods.


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Mongoose does the kits you are looking for. I agree with Steve about the force needed for the door locks. The gun style actuators that exist in most kits should be good enough - if not, the door lock mechanisms in the car need some form of attention to loosen up.

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