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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 27, 2010
Posts: 8554

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There are four available tracking options for the GPS devices.
All four of these options requires a SIM card to be in the device.

1) SMS only tracking:
You are only alerted via SMS. This can be configured for sending an SMS at certain intervals, or you can SMS a command to the device at any time to get it's location. In this configuration there is no subscription fee. You buy the tracker and pay for your SIM (associated SMS costs etc), and that's it.

2) Hawkeye Australia GPRS (internet) tracking
Hawkeye Austraila is the STS commercial tracking system. The software is by Meitrack, so has full compatibility with these devices. The server is located in a top tier data centre with a bunch of redundancy built in, so it's resilient. The cost of this is $200 per year, or $20/month. This is a special Mustangtech "club" rate, so all support requests should come through this forum. This cost may be covered by discounts from your insurance company, so check up on it!

3) hybrid's free GPRS (internet) tracking
I have also built a GPRS tracking server that is running at home. For now, I'm willing to allow use of my server for free only to Mustang Tech members (I may charge a small fee in the future, or create a donation page if you really can't help but give me money). However, on this server I do not provide any uptime/availability guarantees, or any kind of guarantee that the website will be available when you need it. In other words, your use of my server means that you agree that you do not hold me responsible if your pride and joy is stolen and you can't track it on my website.

4) Meitrack MS01 standalone tracking software
Meitrack provide software that can be run on a PC to track a single device. The software is approximately $200. Using your own internet connection and PC at home you can track your device. The down side to this method is that your internet connection and your PC has to be on all the time to track 24/7. You also need to configure your modem/firewall for port forwarding and configure the firewall on your PC to accept the connections.

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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 27, 2010
Posts: 8554

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I have added a link to my free GPS tracking app in the main menu.

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All times are Australia/Sydney
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