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1968 Fastback - Stage 1 Build Reply to topic

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Mustang Star

Joined: Jul 31, 2011
Posts: 785
Location: WA

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Finally getting around to putting a post up about my 68 Fastback purchased through Ken Gardner in late 2010.
So far I have pulled it off the road to partially do the running gear/drivetrain, steering, brakes and suspension.

Lovells Springs Front
5 Leaf Reverse Eye Rears
Bilstein Shocks
Whiteline Swaybar
Opentracker Roller Perches and Idler Arm
New UCA and LCA Opentracker (stock type)
All new bushes and tie rods etc etc

Street or Track 13Ò€ Fronts and 11.65Ò€ Rears with Cobra Calipers

3.25 Eaton Truetrac

BA Falcon Ute seats in late model fabric
Moto Lita steering wheel
Burton aluminium dash and door panels ( yet to be completed)
WHite face gauges and LED mod

JBA Shorty 4-1 headers
2.25 twin system by Ò€œExhaustedÒ€

Think that is about it at this stage this year will be sorting the motor, trans A/C and remaining mech type stuff. It eventually needs to be completely stripped and some minor rust (mostly surface stuff) attended and new 2k Paint job but havent got time for that just yet.


Enjoy the pictures

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Mustang Star

Joined: Jul 31, 2011
Posts: 785
Location: WA

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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 28, 2010
Posts: 3210
Location: Perth, Western Australia

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Nice work there Trav... so are you crusin' in it now - gonna take some time to enjoy it before starting on the mechanicals or have you already started on the mechanicals..??

Thumbs Up

Fifty Years Afloat

We can't alter the direction of the wind,
But we can adjust our sails

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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 27, 2010
Posts: 4712
Location: Baldivis WA

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Nice touches Trav, i particularly like the rear seat done in the chosen matching fabric.

good stuff Thumbs Up

Converting Rust to Something Drivable

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67 convertibuild project www.mustangtech.com.au...art=0.html
Thought Collecting Couch www.mustangtech.com.au...=1739.html
Caddy Wacked www.mustangtech.com.au...art=0.html

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Mustang Star

Joined: Jul 31, 2011
Posts: 785
Location: WA

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Has been on the road since Xmas. Might do the T5 swap as per my other post but plan on building up a roller 302 block on the side then switch over at some stage to minimise time off the road.

Then it is just cooling system and a/c to go after that and paint if I ever get around to it. Not worried about $ associated with paint becuase I will do it myself just time. This is my last paint job and home made booth from my dads project.

If anyone has a source for late model 302s I would be interested otherise its wreckers and gumtree for me.


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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 27, 2010
Posts: 9003

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Wow very nice work mate!

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Mustang King

Joined: Jun 29, 2011
Posts: 2965
Location: NSW

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looks awesome ..

+1 on the seats.. i really dig how your back seat matches the fronts.. its got that modern edge without deterring from your classic look. looks great!.

the last pic just shows the true happiness of cruising in your stang. Cheers

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Mustang Maniac

Joined: Aug 15, 2010
Posts: 1979
Location: Perth, W.A.

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Great pics and thread Trav. The car looks even better in the flesh, it's a real credit to you.


Old things amuse all minds.

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Mustang King

Joined: Jul 30, 2010
Posts: 3760
Location: Sydney

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Go the 68 fastback. Trav I have a EFI 302 c/w 4speed and all computers etc if you are interested. I really like the colour choice on the fastback. Very clean.

"The simple answer is, even if I have decided I still don't know what to do."

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Mustang King

Joined: Aug 01, 2010
Posts: 6671
Location: Perth

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I bought a NOS series III xr8 short motor (in WA) off ebay last week, so keep a lookout.

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Mustang King

Joined: Aug 03, 2010
Posts: 2298
Location: Canberra

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Mate, like those wheels. Just the right level of differences between their colour and the car- nice work.

'68 J-code GT Fastback
'67 S-code GT coupe, 'Pink Bitz' formerly known as 'Hookin' up a brother'
'69 M_____ GTS Fastback 'Blasted'

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