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Maybe that's why they called then Hold On's.

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Mustang King

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hybrid wrote
A Mustang would never do that.

You have not met some of the Mustangs I have......

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30 May 2018
Wow, this is feeling strangely familiar- an update on a Sunday.

Well, this week I set about changing the ticking lifter. I had a new inlet gasket and a couple of lifters on the condition I return the stuffed lifters back to the shop as they have not had one for a long while. They also suggested checking for a dodgy valve stem seal as, again, they rarely have stuffed lifters.

Before launching into the job, the shop advice was haunting me. One more check with the stethoscope listening/divining thing. I really wanted to hear a difference but could not even convince myself there was one in the valve train. Next step was the dizzy shaft but nothing. What could this ‘rounded’ (as opposed to a sharp) ticking be?

More listening and I think I had it but I needed better ears to confirm. Enter JBB.

‘Ears BB’ as he will be called in this updated, arrived with his lobes, of the ear sort.

“Stethoscope” he called as if I had turned into his engine bay nurse.

Stethoscope provided and there was darting, stopping and head shaking with a frown as he moved the probe around various attenuation points on the engine.

‘F&^%’ I think, head shaking and a frown can’t be good.

Stethoscope removed with the opinion,
“I can’t hear a difference, both side sounds the same.”

Well, that was good and bad news. If it is not the lifters then what?

I provided the LED light as Ears BB moved, hovered, stopped, shuffled and then darted around the engine bay.

“Seems to be coming from the back” (cylinder 7 area) he observed.

Yep, that was where I thought I heard it first before it started moving around the passenger side of the bay.

“What about a blown exhaust gasket” I offer

Ears BB then spots some soot on the head bolt under No 7 exhaust port. Yep, our ticking noise was actually a sharp chuffing from a blown exhaust gasket. Header removed and here is the proof:

It looks like the whole gasket was starting to separate.

Now, this should be a simple fix but… It turns out the PO had ported the heads to a dimension better suited to stormwater plumbing. In chev terms, these are pretty bloody big (47mm tall x 37mm wide)!

Lifters and gasket returned to the shop with the tale. They only had a gasket that was 40mm x 35mm. Off on a gasket hunt I go. I eventually found one that was slightly smaller but has the ‘lip’ around the inner rim.

New gasket installed with the assistance of permatex extreme temp sealant/gasket stuff (copper coloured). Left it for the advised period and then started it up. Ticking noise is gone!

'68 J-code GT Fastback
'67 S-code GT coupe, 'Pink Bitz' formerly known as 'Hookin' up a brother'
'69 M_____ GTS Fastback 'Blasted'

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Good result Jacko..

My Motto - Don't get Caught! If you do, Blame Someone Else!

MUSTANG - Fantastic Not Plastic

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