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Content > DIY Projects > DIY Multipoint EFI via MegaSquirt > Mustang Forum Australia - Mustang Tech

DIY Multipoint EFI via MegaSquirt

If you want affordable EFI and like to have a go yourself, MegaSquirt is the way to go. The table below is a list of the major components required to set up your Mustang with Multi-Point fuel injection. Information on the MS2 controller can be found here. More information will be added here as I find it relevent.
MegaSquirt-II ECU1$432
8' Megasquirt Harness (labelled wires)1$67
Injector Plugs/Pigtails8$52
Throttle Body1$500
Fuel Pump (in tank or inline?)1$250
Recond. Injectors8$250
Fuel Rails/Regulator Kit1$260
Air Temp Sensor1$22.25
Coolant Temp Sensor1$17.75
Fuses, Relays and other misc electrical$75
Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 controller1$200
Professional Products Hurricane Manifold - inc Injector bosses1$300
Note that the installation of the Megasquirt ECU as well as any other EFI project requires the ability to run/connect/modify wiring in your vehicle, so don't attempt this if you are not a handy kinda fella, or have the help of someone who is. The most difficult parts of the installation are setting up and configuring your input and output triggers. These are dependent on the type of distributor you're using, and the method of spark - direct to coil, MSD 6A etc There is plenty of help available on this forum and megasquirt forums to help get just about any combination working. My setup is using MSD 8455 hall effect distributor, and MSD 6A spark. Obviously the image above is a very basic representation of the input trigger from the distributor. You would not connect it directly to the battery as shown. You would use a fused power source. Please note that pricing is approximate, and your requirements may be slightly different, so you may need different items. Mustangtech takes no responsibility for you breaking your engine by using any of the above information.

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