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Content > Electrical > Windsor starter upgrade > Mustang Forum Australia - Mustang Tech

Windsor starter upgrade

Fitting a late model 6cyl starter to your Windsor

Sick of the fender mounted solenoid playing up on your car?
Has your clapper starter clapped out?
Grab yourself a starter from a 6cyl Falcon and you can fit it to your Windsor with some minor mods.
Edit: Please note - this mod may only be suitable for cars with rack and pinion steering. There appears to be clearance issues between the solenoid and standard steering. The electrical mods are still relevent for installing any starter with it's own solenoid.
An alternative starter is available that DOES fit - Bosch part number BXA005N.
This is a 1.4KW FORD BRONCO 302 WINDSOR V8 85~96 and can be found brand new for $150.

Starter Mods
First of all, locate yourself a 6cyl starter. They have been the same since the early "X" model Falcons, but if buying second hand, get a late model one which will be more compact and newer.
It should look something like this:

The first mod you will need to do is to allow clearance for the flywheel/flex plate. You will need to cut/grind away the housing a little as shown by the red area below.

Below are two examples of the finished job.

Test that the mounting bolts go through the new starter. I had to drill the holes out slightly on mine.

Wiring mods
The fender mounted solenoid will be bypassed now because the new starter has a solenoid mounted to it.
Below is a diagram explaining the wiring of the existing solenoid, and under it an explanation of the mods required.

Be sure to keep your starter wire clear of the exhaust when routing it to the new starter.
Once you have all the wiring done and you're ready to test, connect the battery cable.
If all went well, you should now have a nice powerful and compact starter that sounds like a newer car when cranking.

If you are concerned about the lasting health of your ignition switch, you could also wire a relay into the starter wire so that the ignition switch triggers the relay and the relay switches the starter solenoid.

Thanks to Donoauto for the idea.
Have you used this article to mod your setup? Let us know in the forums!

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