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Extractors to clear RRS and AOD Reply to topic

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Mustang Star

Joined: Aug 07, 2013
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Location: wollongong

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I have JBA shorties on mine (rhd) rack and they foul on the steering linkage, the one from the end of the steering column to the rack. They needed to be lovvvvved with a big hammer, apart from that they are fine. Summit are the cheapest,

66 basket case

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Senior Mustang

Joined: Feb 07, 2017
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Lukep6470 - If it's just the port fit up and they fit the car, grind out the welds inside them and weld in a new plate on each one, I did that before and it was a lot cheaper than getting custom headers made. You can buy the plates for $60 on fleebay or get them cut on a waterjet / laser from your gaskets and handfit them with by shaping the pipes down to fit? Otherwise nmake your own, done that before, you get a kit for $350 on fleebay? Borrow or Buy a mig welder for $400, argoshield light from Bunnings for $99 plus $200 deposit and you'll find lots of other uses for it! You could even do them with an oxy which youshould be able to borrow (and you'll need it to do a nice job of reshaping the headers to fit the new plates before welding).

This was ones I made for my last project, the donor car had headers so I cut them up and made new ones for my EH

This was the previous running gear manifold, I built turbo manifolds out of steam pipe to take the weight of the turbos, you can see the scrap rhs I used to weld them on to keep the flanges straight, worked a treat, just welded in stages and let it cool. I taught myself by trial and error and there were no Youtube videos to help in those days.

and mounted up before finishing and painting the car

BTW, I'll know tomorrow if my Hedman Elite Heavy-Duty Headers 88658 fit the 351 in my 66 LHD AOD convertible, D Day! Otherwise some modifying will happen which I'm not looking forward to as they're coated!

66 Convertible 351W+; AOD; 9"

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Mustang King

Joined: Nov 02, 2010
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Engine porn. I like engine porn.

I will someday think of something clever to say.

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Junior Mustang

Joined: Aug 12, 2012
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I like Engine porn too...probably not as much as Boof though.

Update on my header journey.? i dug my headers out of storage as Patience was st that stage. First issue a correction they are not Hedmans as per my last post but Patriot long tubes Headers. Nice quality and fit for LHD but no go for RHD. Parrots are made in the same factory as JBA and Dougs headers. I'll post some pics as to fit and put them up for sale here.

I noted other comments here re JBA shortys or mid length headers re a mirror image of the left hand side would fit. The JBa shorty is stainless the Patriot is an exact copy in steel but no swivel flange on outlet and priced below US$200 I contacted the factory and asked if they'd make a RHD set. They responded min order would be twenty. Wasn't a no at least.

As I'm not in the market for twenty sets I contacted Sydney mustang supplies and organized to borrow their loan set of the Hedman made long tubes for test fitting. Hopefully these will fit snug if not back to the drawing board or modding a set of the JBA shortys/Patriot Clippsters.

1965 Fastback A code

I am Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

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