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Ausjacko wrote
Do we want to talk about airspeed past the cooling fins in the core? If you slow the air down and increase the surface area facing the airflow it can absorb more heat, therefore increase the efficiency of the cooling fins. Jaguar did this a while back in the e-type when it slanted the radiator back, thereby decreasing (from 180 deg) the angle of the fins to the airflow and presenting more of the fin to the airflow. Reduced speed and increased presented surface area led to a greater ability to absorb heat and therefore increase cooling efficiency.

We did the same thing in a Sports Sedan race car. Small rad with a big horsepower V8 behind it. Never had a cooling issue. It also allowed us to duct the hot air after the rad to the underside of the car, rather than over the engine (engine got cooler air from above the duct work for the rad) and it all helped the ground effects as well (high speed air vs low speed air).


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ozbilt wrote

So regardless of the pressure inside, the time the fluid is exposed to the cooling action of the core, must make a difference.

In a closed system like we have in our cars, the time spent in the radiator doesn't increase cooling. If you think about it, if the coolant was in the radiator longer, then it is also in the block longer, which levels out the heat transfer. If it was in the radiator for a shorter time, it is also in the block for a shorter time, so again, heat transfer would be the same.
If you look at fluid thermodynamics, a faster flow will actually increase cooling. It's not based on time in the radiator/block, but rather the increase in turbulence. Turbulence allows more of the coolant to have exposure to radiator(on the molecular level).
Look at the electric water pumps you can get. The mezeier 55gph one for example, at idle, it flows probably double to triple what the stock pump will. Everyone who I've seen use this have decreased their temps at idle. At high rpm, the stock pump is much better though, due to the higher flow achieved. Higher flow will increase velocity in our cooling system.

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Joined: Jul 27, 2010
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Thanks for the explanation. I am always learning here.


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jbb wrote

Nice out of the way place to mount the cooler jbb, my only concerns would be metal fatigue and stones flicked from your tyre damaging it (had enough stars in the tops of Falcon guards over the years to be concerned) a bracket to secure both sides and to protect the back of it perhaps. Holing it 100k from home doesn't appeal either.

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Hi Pete.
good point,
Ill take that onboard and fab up a guard for it.


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