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Advice on fixing the seam edge of the fender Reply to topic

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Ok bodywork experts.

RH fender on my 70. Not sure what damaged the fender however it is almost like the door has come forward and pinched the edge. The panel had a ton of bog in it and no attempt at repair.
This is a general view of it sanded out.

Pretty happy with how this section is coming up. Etch prime is stop surface rusting and give me something to sand out easy. Been using hammer and dolly on the edge to take the high spot out quite successfully. Very sharp small dents in their which like they will be take more effort than I want to get it flush but seems like a skim will get it pretty good.

So here is the ugly bit. The seam has split where it folds onto the brace. Whats the best way to weld this?
I take it that I should weld any tears like this before working much harder on the metalwork as it will change the tension on the panel?

This is the original damaged which shows why the metal has split.

Whats the secret to getting the edge straight?
Its been really badly damaged and I have gently worked on the high spots to get it looking half way reasonable. I reckon I would use less than a 1/4 of the bog to finish the panel compared to what was in it as it stands.

Couple of ugly dents in the lip both front and rear. Seams hard to really get a good spot in with a dolly to work against but I will perserve.

Thanks in advance.



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