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67Nightmare wrote
Well guys instead of sealer and high build wound up spending the day fighting gaps. Am I being to critical? The passenger side is dead nuts as you can see in the pics. The driver side as you can see matches the vertical but has that funky look at the top. The fenders are originals as the repros "both sets" that is were no where close to ever lining up. Any wisdom or ideas?

Maybe I'm being too critical about it. I also got the grill dry fit it seems to fit pretty good.

Right hand front fender needs moving forward on the bottom, maybe a 1/16" would make a difference.

Left door needs moving forward on the top hinge so that the rear sits about 1/8" higher on the body lines. It will come down once assembled, but it will fix your gap issues.

I have never had to add weld to original panels & only occasionally to repo stuff. Probably another hour spent on making adjustments will solve all your issues (that are not all that bad).

I will be in Sacramento mid March - late May, so a trip over the hill is quite on the cards to say hi.


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Baby Mustang

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Well it's been a crazy few months with some progress here and there family issues... Got the trunk squared away. Made the mods to the rear bumper that I needed. being its just started warming up here ready to put sealer on it this Saturday. Mocked the new seats in and fabricated the mounting adapters. Second skin installed on the floors, firewall, and quarters. Lots of hammer and dolly work as expected. Got the 428 tore back down and dropped block and crank back at machine shop to figure what went wrong with the mains. Lots of pictures I need to put up on the bucket I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

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Senior Mustang

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67Nightmare wrote
Got the 428 tore back down and dropped block and crank back at machine shop to figure what went wrong with the mains.

Have a look at the oil holes in the crank where they feed the mains. My 428CJ crank was way out of alignment on No.3. So much so that it was outside the bearing shell. I was told this further starved the rear mains as well. I was also told this was a known issue from new with genuine 428CJ cranks.

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