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Motor Vehicle Calculators > Mustang Forum Australia - Mustang Tech

Motor Vehicle Calculators


  • Carb/Throttle Body CFM Calculator
  • Compression Ratio Calculator
  • Fuel Pump Size Calculator
  • Injector Flow Converter
  • Injector Size Calculator
  • Injector Flow after pressure change
  • Speedo Gear Calculation
  • Tyre Diameter Calculation

  • Carb/Throttle Body Size
    Maximum RPM
    Engine Size (Cubic Inches)
    Custom VE (Volumetric Efficiency) (?)
    Stock/Mild CFM (0.85 VE)

    Race/Modified CFM (1.1 VE)

    Custom VE
    Note these accepted VE values for different engines:
    Stock Engines VE = 0.75 - 0.85
    Mild Built VE = 0.85 - 0.90
    Racing Engines VE = 0.90 - 1.0)
    Back to top.
    Compression Ratio
    Bore size (in)
    Stroke (in)
    Head Chamber (cc)
    Piston Relief/Dome (cc) (?)
    Head Gasket thickness (in)
    Piston Deck Height (?)

    Compression Ratio

    Back to top.
    Fuel Pump Size
    # of Injectors
    Injector flow Rate (?)
    Base Fuel Pressure
    Boost Pressure
    Fuel System Type
    Flow (LPH)
    Flow (GPH)
    Pressure (PSI)

    Back to top.
    Fuel Injector Size
    Cylinders (?) Fuel Pressure (psi) (?) Engine Aspiration
    Horsepower desired (?)
    Duty Cycle (?)
    Injector Size Required
    Fuel Type cc/min lb/hr

    Back to top.
    Injector flow conversion cc/min ←→ lb/hr
    Convert Result:

    Back to top.
    Injector flow after pressure change
    Old Pressure (PSI)(?)
    Old Flow Rate (cc/min)(?)
    New Pressure (PSI) (?)
    New Flow:

    Back to top.
    Speedo Gear Calculation
    # of Drive Teeth:
    Axle Ratio:

    Tire Diameter:
    # of Driven Teeth:
    Ford drive gears are machined into the output shaft on C3/C4/C5/C6 & AOD transmissions.
    You may need to remove your tailhousing to determine how many drive teeth your transmission has.
    AOD often have 7 teeth
    C4, C6, and FMX most often have 8 teeth

    Back to top.

    Tire Diameter Calculator
    Tire Width (mm) Tire Aspect Ratio Wheel Diameter (in) Tire Diameter (in)
    Enter the tire width in millimeters, the aspect ratio, the wheel diameter in inches, then Click on Calculate...
    The Aspect Ratio is the number after the width on the sidewall of the tyre. For example 275/45 (45 is the Aspect Ratio).

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    Anything below here is a work in progress - it doesn't work yet and may set fire to your computer

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