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News ⇨ Mustang Forum Australia - Mustang Tech

Welcome to the MustangTech Website!

Calling all Mustang owners! The MustangTech website was started to provide a single resource for everything Mustang. You'll find a Mustang Forum, Mustang Image Gallery, Tech Zone with Mustang related articles and plenty more for the Mustang Enthusiast.

We are not a Mustang Owners Club, so we don't have the politics that often goes with that - we're just a group of folk with a shared interest in Mustangs.
Registration is free, so please feel free to register and help our community grow.
If you register and don't receive your registration code via email, please check your junk/spam folders in your email, especially if you are using webmail such as hotmail, yahoo mail, google mail etc.

Click here to Register for free.
Posted on July 27, 2010

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{article/topic_title} Building and setting up a street performance 302 - Part 3

Posted by hybrid on (19 views)
Part 3 of Boofs article is online. This one discusses head and cam selection.
Boof expects that some people may not agree with his head runner size selections, but provides some mathematics to back up his reasoning.

It starts to get a bit more technical here, especially with regards to cam selection.

{article/topic_title} Building and setting up a street performance 302 - Part 2

Posted by hybrid on (22 views)
The second part of Boofs engine guide has been posted.
Grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit for this one - it starts to get technical and into the nitty gritty.

{article/topic_title} Building and setting up a street performance 302 - Part 1

Posted by hybrid on (35 views)
boofhead - one of our valued members - has been quietly working away at an article for our Tech Zone that will be released exclusively to the Mustangtech website.
It was originally meant to be just a guide to building a suitable 302 small block Ford engine, but has turned into something much bigger than expected.

Part 1 has been released today, and discusses what preparation needs to be done from a planning point of view, and also to the vehicle itself.
This will be a very informative piece that should help plenty of us put together a package that provides the grins required.

You can find the article in the Tech Zone under the Engines & Driveline section.
Or you can click this direct link

A huge thank you goes to boof for sharing this with us.

{article/topic_title} DIY electric fuel pump safety cutoff for $50

Posted by hybrid on (103 views)
If you run an electric fuel pump connected to your ignition, we've built a fuel pump safety device for $50 that could save your life in an accident.
It's based on readily available parts, and you can find it in our Tech Zone.


{article/topic_title} Issue posting to Forums

Posted by hybrid on (148 views)
There's an issue posting to the forums at the moment after an update.
I'm looking into it and hopefully it will be sorted soon.

{article/topic_title} New Tech Zone article - Planning your rebuild/restoration

Posted by hybrid on (331 views)
If you're about to undertake a rebuild or restoration of your car, it's worth taking the time to plan it right. Thanks to Ozbilt, there is an article in the Tech Shop that's well worth a read. Planning your rebuild/restoration...

{article/topic_title} Windsor Starter Upgrade

Posted by hybrid on (499 views)
Sick of the fender mounted solenoid playing up on your car? Has your clapper starter clapped out? Grab yourself a starter from a late model Aussie 6cyl Falcon and you can fit it to your Windsor with some minor mods. Not only is the starter smaller with more torque, but it sounds much better than the old clapper starter. Edit: Please note, we have found that the solenoid has clearance issues to the standard steering, so this mod is best used with rack and pinion conversions.
Check out this Tech Shop article for the instructions.

{article/topic_title} hybrids coupe project finished

Posted by hybrid on (898 views)
After over 4 years, hybrids coupe is finally finished. The coupe sports a 347CI Windsor and AOD 4-speed transmission. Here's a pic of the finished product. And a small collage of the progress.

{article/topic_title} "Q" Wins Gold in NSW state concours

Posted by hybrid on (1844 views)
If you ever wondered about the knowledge and ability that is to be found lurking on Mustangtech, wonder no more.
One of the higher profile builds on the website, a 69 428 mach 1, affectionately known as "Q" and owned by Foresight, has picked up Gold in the NSW State Concours.

Read more to see the amazing transformation.

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